C. Lynn Biccum, author

The Consul's Daughter

​Diana, a young Christian woman living during the time of Nero, is thrust into a web of intrigue after her settlement is destroyed by Roman soldiers. The biggest problem? Diana is also a Roman, the daughter of a former Consul. She must hide her past, as well as her feelings, as she figures out who she can trust and how to stay alive.

Judge's review, 2nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards:
"The Consul's Daughter by C. Lynn Biccum is a romance coming of age novel set in the early days of Christianity.  Diana who carries the story is the daughter of a Christian slave and a Roman consul. In the preface, young Diana's father tells her to remember her name and lineage. Shortly thereafter, her father is slain for adopting Christianity. The story really begins at this point with Diana fleeing for her life.  In her flight, she encounters good people who rescue her at least temporarily but Diana knows she must get to a Christian settlement as her father had advised her. Upon her arrival at Nicopolis, she is rescued from potential danger by a fellow Christian who takes her to the settlement where most of this story is set. Ultimately it is a love story as Diana falls in love with James, her rescuer. There is the usual complication of an old friend Timothy who also loves Diana. The young men manage to seriously distrust each other in this time and place of Roman persecution. Who might be a spy for Felix the centurion?  Eventually, James is taken prisoner and Diana finds herself pleading with Nero for James' life. At this point, she remembers that her father was a Roman consul and invokes his name and rank to lend credence to her pleas. The books comes full circle with Diana and James leaving Nicopolis to travel to Rome and back again to Nicopolis. 
​The story is told simply and directly. The pace is good and characters believable. When beginning this review, I could not find the author's name anywhere in this manuscript. It is worthy of being claimed!"

Across the Sea

​Olivia Stonehouse is the daughter of a wealthy English baron who is obsessed with marrying her off to the highest bidder. Instead of accepting her fate, she runs away to Virginia, leaving her life of privilege and entering a world of which she knows nothing. Landing in Williamsburg, she meets Jackson, a Powhatan Indian, and Henry Dorset, a fellow Englishman and lodger in her boardinghouse. Neither man is what he seems and she's not sure who to trust. She finds herself in the middle of a steamy romance, all the while hoping her father doesn't find her.